Wool Dryer Balls

Our Wool Dryer Balls are a safe and sustainable choice for your family's laundry needs. Save time, money, and the environment one load at a time.

What are dryer balls?

Dryer balls are used in your clothes dryer to help speed up the drying process by about 25%. They tumble around, creating space and more airflow as your clothes are drying. Dryer balls replace fabric softeners and dryer sheets that contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Our extra-large Dryer Balls are hand-felted by our friend Sara using 100% natural, undyed, unbleached wool roving. Using wool roving allows for a more stable dryer ball and ensures they will not come apart. You might notice a few black or gray fibers — this is natural and just a variation in the wool from the sheep used.

Our wool dryer balls:

  • come in a pack of 4 in a muslin bag
  • are handmade in the USA from 100% natural undyed American wool
  • are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and chemical-free
  • can help cut down on drying time (by approx. 25%) by separating clothes as they tumble which conserves electricity and naturally softens your laundry (no fabric softener or dryer sheets needed!)
  • helps reduce static
  • last up to 1,000 loads


  • use 2-3 dryer balls for small-medium loads and 4-6 dryer balls for large-extra large loads
  • add 2-3 drops of essential oil to each ball (optional) and let the balls sit for 5-10 minutes to allow the oils to soak in before using them
  • dry your Seek & Swoon throw alone with a couple of dryer balls on low heat
  • use our dryer balls to dry all of your laundry

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Customer Reviews

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Kim Worthington
Love the dryer balls!!

I’m very pleased with the dryer balls. A few drops of my favorite essential oil leaves a pleasant scent that I know is healthier than the over perfumed dryer sheets. Also my dry time has shortened. Normally I have to dry twice, as things are sometimes not dried all the way. Happy to see that I’m not having to dry twice by using two of the dryer balls with each load. I’ve only used them a handful of times but so far, I love them!!

Kim, I'm so glad to hear you're pleased with the dryer balls. We use in every load in our house, too, and won't be going back to dryer sheets. Thanks for giving them a try! Jala...