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The Story Behind Seek & Swoon and Our Knit Throw Blankets

For all of us, there’s something about a place that says “home.” That makes us think, “I belong here.” This place could be an ocean away or our own living room in an overstuffed chair. That’s where Seek & Swoon was created—between a bon voyage and a bungalow.

Seek & Swoon, and our collection of knit throw blankets, was inspired by a love of design, home goods, and a two month European sabbatical owner Jala Smith-Huys took with her husband and two young sons during the summer of 2015. She returned home wanting to start a business that allowed her to preserve her travel memories through creating a quality product that everyone could enjoy and take pride in owning. Thus, Seek & Swoon was born. Most of our designs are influenced by places we’ve been, places we dream about, and places we’ve lived.

We are inspired by beautiful places and, in the biggest terms, the world—taking care of it, exploring it, and adding to its beauty. Our products reflect this: each knit throw blanket is made in the USA from recycled yarn. We've partnered with a second generation, family-owned knitting mill that’s just as committed to comfort, quality and design as we are. Here's a peek behind the scenes.

When you wrap up in one of our knit throw blankets, we hope you find the same sense of belonging and comfort that you’d find relaxing in a Tuscan vineyard or sipping tea in Edinburgh or savoring a moment in your own home. And we hope that you find the same joy in dreaming about your next adventure.