Sustainability & Recycled Yarn

Using recycled yarns in our throws was always a given. Why would be put more stuff out into the world when we could make good use of the stuff that was already in the world? So we spent a fair amount of time hunting down American manufacturers of recycled yarn and a U.S. based mill who would be willing to work with this material. We found our perfect partners and now you are able to enjoy soft and cozy, earth-conscious throws that you can feel even better about owning.

What's so great about recycled yarn? We're happy to share. 

  • The recycling process keeps textile scraps and plastic waste out of the landfill.
  • Since recycled yarn is produced from pre-consumer textile scraps that have already been dyed, the yarn manufacturing process produces no water waste or harmful chemical run-off and requires less energy.
  • Recycled yarn requires no new cotton farming which eliminates land use, water irrigation, fertilizers and pesticides.

Did you know?
According to a study by Gail Baugh at San Francisco State University, recycled cotton uses less water, chemicals, dyes and energy than organic cotton.