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Seek & Swoon throws may tell our story of design, travel, and sustainability, but over the past 4+ years we've been inspired by your stories of how (something as simple as) a blanket, has made its way in your homes and lives. Your stories has become a part of our story.

If you're willing, we'd love to hear your Seek & Swoon story. Maybe you have a S&S blanket that everyone in your house fights over. Or maybe you take your S&S throw to chemo appointments with you. Or, maybe you decided to sell everything, buy an Airstream, travel for a year, and your S&S was the inspiration behind all of the decor in your Airstream.

By filling out and submitting this form you're giving Seek & Swoon the rights to share your story on our website, social media and in emails.

If we choose to share your story, we'll also send you a standard Seek & Swoon throw of your choice as a thank you. We'll contact you in advance to find out what throw you would like and where it should be shipped to.

Example: I own the Porto throw. While I haven’t been to Porto, I did go to Lisbon in 2017, which was my first foray into solo travel as a female in my 30s. That trip was also a big deal in a sense for me because I had walked away from a difficult relationship a few months prior and coming from a culture where at my age I should be married and with kids, I was instead choosing to travel and take a solo vacation! I know it is JUST a blanket and I may be insane to say this but it reminds me to this day that I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and it was ok to do that, that I can do things like travel by myself regardless of what people think...and these days it also leads me to anxiously waiting for the ability to travel internationally post COVID.