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The Seek & Swoon Heritage Collection encapsulates the timeless beauty and cultural richness of Native American art.  Each piece in this collection pays homage to the heritage of the Navajo people by drawing inspiration from the designs and vibrant colors of traditional Native American blankets and art. This collection captures the essence of the Southwest, infused with the heritage of Navajo throw blankets, seamlessly blending contemporary style with indigenous tradition. With a respectful acknowledgment of tradition and an eye toward the future, Seek & Swoon's Native American throws warmly welcome you to embrace the rich history and cultural legacy they embody.


In partnership with Native American knitwear designer Jennifer Berg, this throw collection draws inspiration from Navajo art forms such as pottery, weaving, and textiles, that are deeply rooted in Navajo culture.

Growing up immersed in the beauty and resilience of Navajo landscapes and people, Jen's familial ties to a fourth-generation retail store on the reservation sparked her passion for sharing Navajo culture with others. Summers spent merchandising her clan's pottery and rugs instilled in her a profound appreciation for textiles.

With knitting as second nature and community as a guiding principle, Jen recognized the absence of knit patterns representing her heritage. Drawing from her surroundings, she crafted unique patterns now featured in this collection, each carrying significance to the Navajo Nation.

Driven by a desire to celebrate and honor her culture while supporting her community, Jen collaborates with Seek & Swoon to showcase her vibrant designs. 10% of net sales from the Heritage Collection contribute to American Indigenous Business Leaders, empowering aspiring Native American entrepreneurs.

Through this collection, Seek & Swoon and Jen aim to inspire appreciation for Navajo culture and raise awareness for all Native American communities.