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In collaboration with Native American knitwear designer, Jennifer Berg, this throw collection is inspired by Navajo art, such as pottery, weaving, and textiles, all integral to Navajo culture. 

Jen often looks to the beauty and resilience of the landscapes and people throughout her life for inspiration. Her family owns a fourth-generation retail store on the Navajo reservation, where Jen grew up introducing Navajo culture to travelers. She spent her summers merchandising the pottery and rugs made by her clan.

Surrounded by textiles her whole life, knitting came to Jen naturally. Community is important to her, and she quickly saw how patterns and stitches give something for people to bond over. At the same time, she realized that there weren’t any knit patterns that represented her culture. By studying the pottery, art, and other textiles around her, Jen created her own patterns to share, which are now showcased in this special collection.

Her striking patterns always hold some significance to the Navajo Nation. She’s passionate about sharing the vibrant joy and steadfast strength of her culture, and she wants to represent and respect her heritage through her art, while also bringing more prosperity and awareness to her community.

Both Seek & Swoon and Jen believe in the power of high design and hard work. 10% of the net sales from the Heritage Collection supports aspiring Native American entrepreneurs through donations to the National American Indigenous Business Leaders. We hope this collection sparks admiration for the Navajo culture and its surrounding areas as well as awareness to all Native Americans.