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Whether you're a traveler, a dreamer or both, our knit couch throws add an element of wanderlust to your home. Soft, cozy, and always made in America, our sofa throws are inspired by the places near and far.

At Seek & Swoon we are passionate about adding to the beauty of our world rather than taking away from it. That's why each couch and sofa throw is made from recycled cotton yarn (and a touch of recycled polyester) that’s upcycled from the cutting room floors of apparel factories. Not only does this process save energy and resources, it also contributes to the revival of the US knitting industry. We researched over 100 knitting mills to find one that shared out commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing and could create throw blankets that will last. We've partnered with a second generation, American, family-owned mill that is every bit as committed to comfort, quality, and design as we are.