Baby Zellige Throw

Inspired by Morocco

Our newest throw has us wanting to cuddle up with a good book, or retile our bathroom. Why? Because this throw is inspired by zellige, handmade Moroccan tiles are one of the main characteristics of Moroccan architecture. Our Baby Zellige Throw adds a splash of oceanic hues to any nursery, and provides oodles and oodles of snuggles. We hope it takes your little one to some place magical.

  • Colors: ocean, pacific, aqua, cream
  • Size: 30"x40" and 50"x60" (size chart)
  • Materials: recycled cotton, recycled polyester
  • Care: machine wash cold/cool, tumble dry low/delicate, separately
  • Designed in Portland, Oregon. Made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Beautiful colors /Patterns and GREAT customer service

At first , it seemed that delivery was taking way too long. So when I was prompted to write a review, i had to write that the throw had not yet shown up.

I heard from Customer Service and Jala herself almost immediately. Jala and her team quickly determined that the original shipment could not be delivered, according to the delivery service.

Inspection of the original order showed that I had been thwarted by auto-correct! Somehow the delivery address and billing address had become a weird mutant of both my information and my daughter's (the recipient). Clearly I had not noticed this when making the order.

Jala quickly sent out a new package to my home address. I am so pleased - it is the perfect gift for my daughter to celebrate her recent promotion and move to a new office. The original package is still stuck on the MTA (for all my fellow boomers who remember the Kingston Trio).

Jala and her team were very supportive and focused on making sure the problem was solved quickly. This is my second Seek & Swoon throw and I suspect not my last.

Cynthia, I'm so glad I could help you fix this situation and you were able to receive your throw. Thank you for being patient while I hunted down the problem. Auto-correct can be a blessing and a curse :-) I hope your daughter loves her blanket. Cheers! Jala....