7 Reasons Why Buying American Made Matters

August 12, 2019

7 Reasons Why Buying American Made Matters

Did you know that nearly sixty percent of everything we buy in the United States is imported from overseas? In textiles and apparel alone, the U.S. lost over 900,000 jobs to offshoring between 1994 and 2005. At Seek & Swoon, we are not extremists by any means when it comes to buying American made, but we do appreciate (and are inspired by) our fellow American makers and the consumers who support them.

Can your local boutique offer products to you at a lower price by stocking their stores with imported goods? Of course they can. Can you spend less by buying items that are imported? Yep. However, it's a lot more satisfying to buy from a small maker who has a unique story, knowing that your purchase supports their family and helps their business grow.

Aside from just feeling good, we've got seven other reasons why we think buying American made is important:

  1. Provides Jobs: American manufacturing creates employment opportunities. Studies show that if every American spent just a few extra dollars on American made products, it would create thousands of new jobs in our country.
  2. Protects the Environment: U.S. environmental regulations ensure less harmful chemicals used in production, less pollution, and a cleaner planet for our children. Since American made products don't have as far to travel, they use less resources in shipping and have a much smaller carbon footprint.
  3. Better Conditions for Workers: No one wants to buy something at the expense of another's well-being. Buying American made ensures the people making your products are working in a regulated, safe workplace and are paid a living wage.
  4. Higher Quality of Products: There are no guarantees on the quality of items made in foreign factories. When companies (like us!) work with local manufacturers, they have more control over the process and the materials used.
  5. Healthier Products: Product safety standards do us little good if they don't apply to where our goods are manufactured. You'll find some alarming reports about lead and harmful chemicals found in toys manufactured overseas. American Consumer Protection Laws ensure that the items you bring into your home are safe for you and your family.
  6. Strengthens Our Economy: Buying American made products increases American investment opportunities and reduces the national trade deficit. When we invest our money in local products and businesses, that money ends up back in our communities.
  7. American Independence: Offshoring shifts money to other countries who are not always on friendly terms with the U.S. Not only does it feel good to take pride in the things our country has to offer, decreasing our reliance on exports reduces the likelihood of political and trade disagreements.

The reasons to buy American made go far beyond how it makes you feel, and that's why we've chosen to have all of our throws made in small batches at an American family owned and operated knitting mill. We hope we've inspired you to shop small, shop local, read labels and tags, and learn the stories of the people making your goods. From a small business owner speaking for the rest, every purchase you make matters.

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