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5 reasons buying recycled goods feels good

May 28, 2019

5 reasons buying recycled goods feels good

By now you probably know the importance of recycling and how taking small steps in your daily life to protect the planet can make a big impact. We sort our recyclables and send them off in a bin every week, not really knowing where their journey will take them. Did you know you can contribute to the recycle process by adding things to your home, too?

There are thousands of products on the market made from recycled materials, offering a great eco-friendly alternative to buying goods made from new materials. But is it really worth the extra effort to hunt down those products? We think so. Here's why:

  1. Less waste and pollution. Studies have shown that producing products made from recycled materials uses less land, water, chemicals, and energy which reduces waste and pollution.

  2. Close the recycling loop. Picture the recycling symbol we see in so many places, the one with three arrows following each other. We're on the right track recycling the things we use, but there are other ways to participate in the cycle. You can help to close the recycling loop by buying products made from recycled materials.

  3. Expand recycling programs. Buying products made from recycled materials helps create a stronger recycling industry. When we encourage consumer demand for these products, we send the message that we want more eco-friendly options and need expanded recycling programs to support them. This is a great example of voting with your dollar!

  4. Support the American economy. When products are created with recycled materials, it strengthens our economy by creating more jobs and using less resources. Utilizing domestic recycled materials conserves all the resources involved in shipping from overseas and supports American manufacturing.

  5. Sustainable gifting. Gifts made from recycled materials are gifts that truly keep on giving. Sustainable gifting that doesn't produce more waste or have a negative environmental impact shows that you shopped with intention. For example, gifting a baby blanket that also has a positive impact on the planet is a wonderful way to welcome a new little one into the world — a healthy world that you're contributing to. These are the kind of products you can feel better about giving and receiving.

              When you purchase products made from recycled materials you're making a positive impact on the planet by choosing to be part of the solution. At Seek & Swoon we are committed to taking care of the places we love to explore and call home. What do you do in your house and with your family to contribute to a healthy earth?

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